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Our Mission: 


 BSH Services INC. was inspired by the founder's daughter, who was a student that utilized the assistance of teachers with the proper certifications to help students with learning disabilities. 



With this helped she was able to graduate and earn a college degree, making the founder eager to give back to the educational system. 

This company believes that every student can have many opportunities in life,  if given the correct tools and taught in the way the student can understand.

The founder is a firm believer that the system works when the student is given  the right tools, patience and dedication. When a student utilizes all of the tools that are given, they have the opportunity to build confidence and self-esteem to become successful in life.  The founder's daughter went on and was able earned a BBA as well as obtained academic honors during their college education, which inspired the founder to give back to the Educational System. 



This company was developed to assist and encourage students with a Learning Disabilities to use tools to strive for knowledge and to become academically successful.

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