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BSH Services INC. Special Education Teacher Support Services
We provide Special Education Support Services in Catholic, Charter, Christian and Yeshiva Schools throughout the five boroughs of New York City.
We are an agency that cares about the students succeeding in the academic world. We want our students to thrive in their academics. If we did not achieve this, then we did not achieve our mission of helping students with Learning Disabilities. We want to provide the students with the tools to reach their goals, raise their confidence and self-esteem to reach for Brilliance.
Each teacher will provide a custom set of tools and strategies to address their student’s specific needs.
*The type of teacher we employee is:
- Certified in New York State
- A New York City Department of Education Registered Teachers of Students with Disabilities 
- Teachers that want to give the best to their students.
- Work towards the goal/goals stated on the IEP with each individual student
The Providers are knowledgeable and equipped to teach all Learning Disability Students.  Students will be able to learn and become independent with their studies, tests and homework.
Learning Disability Students will become successful and accomplished in their academics. They will also have the opportunity to learn just as well as any other student. 


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