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Meet Our Inspiration

Founder's Inspiration

BSH Services INC. was an idea that blossomed from my child's firsthand experience of being a student with a long road to obtain proper help. She was a student with a learning disability.  She understood what it is like to sit in a class and not fully understand the material being taught.
This is not because students with learning disabilities are uninterested, as well as many others, need to be taught with the correct tools to open their minds to a world of possibilities. She is a product of learning the same material differently, with the assistance of Special Education Teachers thinking outside of the box she was able to graduate in the top bracket of her class from Iona College with a BBA in Marketing Degree.
The founder decided to create this company, inspired by his daughter, to allow other students to have the chance to enjoy and learn the process of education the way she did. 
With teaching the Learning Disable Students the proper tools, you are giving those students the chance to become someone great.
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